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Day of Giving (2)

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St. Margaret Foundation is participating in the Day of Giving 2013, a 24-hour matching gift period sponsored by The Pittsburgh Foundation. Each eligible donation that St. Margaret Foundation receives on Thursday Oct. 3 from 12am to 11:59pm (a 24 hour window!) will be matched proportionately by The Pittsburgh Foundation from a pool of $750,000 in matching funds! The minimum contribution is $25 via Visa or MasterCard only.


Day of Giving 2013 Instructions

1. Go to http://www.pittsburghgives.org 

2. Click on "Donate Now"

3. Enter your name, email and phone number in the appropriate boxes. (Please note that you must have a valid email address to receive a tax receipt for your donation.) 

4. Select St. Margaret Foundation from the drop down menu or organizations. You can also begin typing our name in the box to narrow down the list.

5. Enter the amount you wish to give.

Mastercard and Visa are accepted for payment and you will receive confirmation of your donation and a tax receipt via email within an hour of the transaction. Please remember to notfiy your credit card issuer if you plan to make a large donation. The minimum gift amount is $25.

Grand Opening of the Neil Y. Van Horn Pavilion and Helen and Miles Colwell Garden of Hope at UPMC St. Margaret

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A medical library with free brochures on everything from diseases to medical procedures, a large quiet space for family members to put up their feet, a café to enjoy a free cup of coffee, a small theater to watch a movie or hear a medical lecture, a flowering garden with a wooden swing and sixteen foot fountain are all new additions evident to the more than 200 donors and guests of St. Margaret Foundation who celebrated the grand opening of the Neil Y. Van Horn Pavilion and Helen and Miles Colwell Garden of Hope at UPMC St. Margaret on Friday, May 31st

“These projects exemplify the generosity and kindness that our donors have for people who are facing some of life’s greatest challenges,” said Mary Lee Gannon (O’Hara Township), president of St. Margaret Foundation.  “Because the people of this area embrace their community hospital and the patients and families it serves we were able to present the community with these wonderful assets.”   

Two years ago the board of directors of St. Margaret Foundation had a vision to create a peaceful place for patients and family members to find respite away from the bedside and a library stocked with medical resources to answer questions regarding some of life’s greatest challenges.  They agreed to launch a $1.25 million capital campaign for a Pavilion that would house both and the hospital agreed to contribute the same amount to the project.  The Foundation wanted to add a Garden of Hope to that vision and agreed to raise the entire amount.  A lead gift from the estate of Helen Colwell started a $320,000 capital campaign for the Garden.  

Neil Y. Van Horn (Fox Chapel) was the honoree after which the Pavilion was named for his years of board service and generosity to St. Margaret Foundation as well as his years of dedication as Chairman of the Board of UPMC St. Margaret.  Mr. Van Horn is also a member of the UPMC Board of Directors. 

Stephanie Embry and Ryan Antonucci of S&T Bank were on hand to cut the ribbon on the S&T Bank Family Center. Emily McClelland (Fox Chapel) cut the ribbon on the Martha Mack Lewis Foundation Library and Health Resource Center.  Dr. Edmond and Comly Watters (Fox Chapel) cut the ribbon to open the Helen and Miles Colwell Garden of Hope as Helen was Comly’s mother.

The Auxiliary of St. Margaret Foundation was the first of many contributors to the campaign.  Betty and Larry Rich (Fox Chapel) were moved by the care that Dr. Nagib Manov gave Larry’s father and donated to insure that there would be a fountain in the Garden of Hope.  All of the artwork on display in the pavilion is from the private collection of Janet and Robert Beitle (O’Hara Township).  Sally Foster (O’Hara Township) and representatives from many local garden clubs willingly offered input to the garden design as well as donations.     

The Pavilion and Garden are patient experience focused projects that dovetail with the Foundation’s mission of “Filling in the gaps with hope.”  The Pavilion includes: a 4,700 sq. ft. calm escape with lecture theater space; a medical library with free health information, pamphlets, brochures and a medical librarian to help patients research information from various sources including the library at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; an electronic resource center similar to a high end hotel business center with computers, phones, cell phone chargers, printers, fax and more.  The resources of the Martha Mack Lewis Foundation Library and Health Resource Center are open to the public from 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturday and Noon to 4:00 PM on Sunday. 

Please visit our Facebook page to see photos from the event.

For more information contact St. Margaret foundation at 412-784-4215.

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Eisenbeis Lecture Series

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Eisenbeis Lecture Series at UPMC St. Margaret on Arthritis Related Knee Pain

St. Margaret Foundation will host a free presentation on Arthritis-related Knee Pain on Wednesday, April 9, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at UPMC St. Margaret, Conference Centers A, B, and C. Craig S. Mauro, MD and Matxalen Amezaga, MD will explore the causes of arthritis-related knee pain and the nonsurgical and surgical treatment options to help you get back to doing the things you enjoy.

The Eisenbeis Lecture Series is an educational program founded in memory of Carl H. Eisenbeis Jr., MD, made possible through donations to the St. Margaret Foundation.

Dr. Eisenbeis served on the board of St. Margaret Memorial Hospital for 35 years and was actively involved in fundraising efforts. Specializing in rheumatology, he played a key role in the hospital’s relocation from Lawrenceville to its current location near Aspinwall and was a member of the new hospital committee. Dr. Eisenbeis helped to establish the hospital’s Rehabilitation Department, as well as its Doris Palmer Arthritis Center, where he spent most of his career.

Parking will be validated and light refreshments will be served. Reservations are required. To make a reservation, call 1-866-939-RSVP (7787).

Stock Gifts

Gifts of Appreciated Stock: When appreciated stock is liquidated there would typically be a capital gains tax of 15% levied on the increase in value.  Under current tax law, this tax is forgiven if the appreciated value is donated to a charity.  Your tax deduction is based on the mean value of the securities on the date of transfer.  We recommend that you speak with your tax advisor.

To Transfer Stock to St. Margaret Foundation please call: Richard Crist of Janney Montgomery Scott at 412-562-7888. 

DTC#- 0374       Account#- 7980-7105  Tax ID- 25-1520340

Stock Transfer Instructions

Poinsettias for Patients & Doves of Hope




Poinsettias for Patients


When a family member or friend enters a hospital, it can be a time of uncertainty and anxiety. We wonder what may be wrong, what the future holds, and what we can do to help.

No one looks forward to spending the holidays in the hospital, but at times it is unavoidable. Patients and their families know that homes are filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies and lighted decorations, and friends sharing the warmth and love of the season. Missing out on holiday cheer only adds to the stress and anxiety of a hospital stay.

St. Margaret Foundation wants to help patients enjoy the spirit of the holidays while they are in our care and away from the familiar surroundings of home. For a donations of $35, a poinsettia or potted or silk plant will be delivered to patients admitted to UPMC St. Margaret during the month of December. Caring volunteers will present patients with a poinsettia. Please help us make our patients' stay during the holiday season just a little brighter. Your donation can be made in living honor or memory of a loved one. The difference you make will last the whole year through.

Click here to donate.

LOH Tree 021  The Doves of Hope Tree

For a donations of $35, a dove ornament with the name of your loved one will be placed ont the Doves of Hope Tree in the courtyard of UPMC St. Margaret for to patients to enjoy from November 15th through January 15th. Please help us make our patients' stay during the holiday season just a little brighter. Your donation can be made in living honor or memory of a loved one. The difference you make will last the whole year through.