Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Supports Fitwits Program

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St. Margaret Foundation was honored to be invited to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation today to receive a $4,400 check for the UPMC St. Margaret Family Health Centers' Fitwits - childhood obesity prevention program. Pictured here are Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation President Dave Soltesz, St. Margaret Foundation Board Member Bill Simpson, St. Margaret Foundation President Mary Lee Gannon, St. Margaret Foundation Manager of Development Bridget Wilson and Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Board Member and Coach Johnston's wife Myrna Johnston.

Fitwits is a design-led creative approach to teaching children and their families about obesity, associated health problems, body mass index (BMI), nutrition, fitness and portion sizes. Intervention groups for this investigative project will be operating at three UPMC St. Margaret Family Health Centers: Bloomfield Garfield FHC, Lawrenceville FHC and New Kensington FHC.

The UPMC St. Margaret Family Health Centers in Lawrenceville, Bloomfield-Garfield and New Kensington are supported by St. Margaret Foundation as roughly 56% of the patients are uninsured or underinsured. The Foundation helps to fund immunization shots, medication, transportation, food vouchers, nutrition education, crutches, thermometers, books for children, Teddy Bear Clinics, eye examinations for patients with diabetes, and other health care services.