Case For Support

St. Margaret Foundation fills in the gaps with hope for under-resourced patients with cancer and other health challenges who are struggling with some of the biggest challenges of their lives and whose financial needs fall through the cracks of what medical insurance, Medicare and Medicaid would otherwise provide.

The Need and How We Help:


  • Medication, insulin and supplies for the under-insured – including the working poor who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but work for small companies who are not required to provide health insurance.

  • Four free shuttles for transportation to life saving chemotherapy and other treatments for patients who don't have any family or friends to drive them to the hospital, doctor’s office, pharmacy or grocery store.

  • A Food Pantry for patients returning home from the hospital to an empty kitchen cupboard so they may have the nutrition they need to heal.

  • A Clothing Closet of shirts, pants and shoes for discharged patients to return home with dignity because their clothes had been destroyed in the Emergency Room as doctors were trying to save their lives.

  • Walkers, hearing aids, tub benches and other medical devices for people who are afraid to ask for help but can’t shower, hear, or walk at home.

  • Utility, rent and mortgage bill payments as well as pain and treatment medication coverage for people stricken with cancer who have been off work and have lost wages. No one should lose their home or have their gas turned off because they have cancer.

  • Disaster/Flood Relief for communities adjacent to the hospital. Recent floods forces residents to evacuate unhealthy living conditions because of extensive summer flooding. Donations provided furnaces, hot water heaters, garage doors, washers and dryers, electrical work, clean up and more.

  • Free Health Screenings for diabetes, bone density, cardiac risk, bone density and more for low-income members of the community.

The mission of St. Margaret Foundation is to be a valued source of support for UPMC St. Margaret Hospital and the health and wellness of the communities it serves. St. Margaret Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that is further classified as a public charity under section 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. All gifts to St. Margaret Foundation remain locally to the St. Margaret community.

Since its establishment in 1986, the purpose of St. Margaret Foundation has been to support health and wellness initiatives at UPMC St. Margaret and other organizations that serve communities within the footprint of the hospital.

Strategic Focus - St. Margaret Foundation supports projects in three key areas:

     1. Patient Access

     2. Patient Education

     3. Patient Experience

Additional services St. Margaret Foundation supports include: recliner sleep chairs so family members may spend the night in the room with their loved one, Family Health Center support in Lawrenceville, Bloomfield/Garfield and New Kensington, free patient library materials on diseases and diagnoses, free CPR training, free flu Immunizations, resources for grief support, employee emergency support, support groups for Alzheimer’s Disease, COPD, Stroke, and much more.

The Measurable Difference We Make – Fiscal Year 2018 in Review:


  • The Bed Fund – $54,756 in assistance was provided to help patients in need with medication, clothing, medical equipment, medical devices, taxi cab and bus transportation to their treatment.

  • The Oncology Fund provided $22, 303 in medication, transportation, housing expenses, groceries, medical supplies, rent, mortgage and utility bill payments and more for patients with cancer.

  • Free Rides Transportation - $254,666 provided 15,000 for people to receive chemotherapy and other life-saving treatment at the hospital or their doctor’s office.

  • Flood Relief Fund – Nearly $36,000 was raised and distributed to people in the O’Hara, Sharpsburg, Fox Chapel and Aspinwall area who were victims of the summer 2018 flood. People received, humidifiers, garage doors, clean up services, new furnaces, and contract labor. Additionally, St. Margaret Foundation provided a Free Store with donated furniture, appliances and housewares for victims of the flood.

  • Family Health Centers – Roughly 56% of the patients served by the St. Margaret Family Health Centers in Lawrenceville, Bloomfield-Garfield and New Kensington are uninsured or underinsured. The Foundation helps to fund immunization shots, medication, insulin, transportation, food vouchers, nutrition education, crutches, thermometers, books for children, Teddy Bear Clinics, eye examinations for patients with diabetes, and other health care services. Additionally, more than 580 students received health and wellness education through the inner-city School Health Partnership. Students also received obesity prevention education and human sexuality education. In addition, 49 educational books were provided on various health topics and checked out 148 times by patients and families. 200 patients received one or more of six different vaccines and 221 received free health screenings focusing on preventative care for cardiac disease, diabetes, bone density, and colon cancer.

  • Employee Emergency Fund - $20,232 in assistance was given to St. Margaret Hospital and physician employees to cover unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances.

 A brochure with more information is available here.