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Poinsettias for Patients

Throughout December, more than 1,000 patients will be admitted to St. Margaret Hospital who would surely rather be at home baking cookies, decorating their homes, and enjoying their families. Imagine yourself or a loved one spending the holidays in a hospital bed recovering from a surgery or illness with limited visitors because of the continuing pandemic. As we approach the holiday season, we invite you to make a difference for these patients who are worried, lonely and disappointed. Will you provide a thoughtful donation to help our patients feel special and not forgotten? Choose the option you like the best. 

Option #1: Personalized Doves of Hope Ornament
Dove ornaments may be hung in memory or honor of your loved one(s) on the ‘Doves of Hope’ Tree in the St. Margaret Hospital lobby. One ornament will be hung for a donation of $40 or three ornaments for a donation of $100.  The tree and a menorah will be lit for patients and families to enjoy throughout the season.  You can even personalize the ornament(s) in honor or memory of your loved one(s).

Option #2: Poinsettias for Patients
A poinsettia may be delivered to patients admitted to St. Margaret Hospital during the month of December for a donation of $40 or three poinsettias may be delivered for a donation of $100. Our goal is to deliver a poinsettia to every patient who is in the hospital in December. Let them know HOPE endures. Will you help?

Please give a patient a special measure of holiday love and cheer this December – you become the trusted friend who extends their hand in time of need to comfort and support.

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