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September is Hunger Action Month. There are people just blocks from the hospital who won’t have a cooked meal today without your help.


At any given time, nearly 1 in 7 of our neighbors in Allegheny County are facing chronic hunger and food insecurity. Low-income families with children, seniors and people with disabilities may go to bed hungry without knowing if they will be able to afford their next meal.


The UPMC St. Margaret Employee Experience Committee is joining with the St. Margaret Foundation to fight hunger in our community. During this month, we are coordinating a fund drive to raise donations to help provide meals to low-income residents of Sharpsburg and Etna. Every Thursday, a dinner is held for community residents at Roots of Faith in Sharpsburg. Between 100 to 125 people, ranging from young children to the elderly, receive a hot and nutritious meal. For some it is the only meal that they eat that day. Your donations will support this program and will be used to purchase food for the dinner.


How can you help?  Donations to continue these meals can be made online by choosing THE BED FUND here or by contributing in the green bottles located by the cashiers in the hospital’s cafeteria.

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