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About St. Margaret Foundation

​St. Margaret Foundation helps St. Margaret patients with the essential needs not covered by insurance yet are necessary to heal, remain independent and have hope.

In 1930 two young brothers brought their pennies to St. Margaret Hospital in this teapot to help a friend - marking the birth of what would become St. Margaret Foundation. Stop by our office to see the teapot and learn more about how the Foundation helps our community.

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Celebrate your loved ones with a wind spinner

As you approach the spring holidays of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day you may be celebrating the life or memory of someone close to you. Today, you can start a new tradition – commemorating your loved one with a personalized wind spinner in the St. Margaret Courtyard Butterfly Garden

Personalized flower wind spinners will be displayed through Father’s Day and may be picked up from the garden until June 28th.


Click the photo to honor your loved one with a wind spinner flower!

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