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Request A Grant

Grant applications are due September 1 for funding the following January.

The mission of St. Margaret Foundation is to be a valued source of support for UPMC St. Margaret and the health and wellness of the communities it serves.

  1. Fundable programs will focus on filling in the gaps in areas of:

    1. Patient access

    2. Patient education

    3. Patient experience-independence

  2. Funded programs will be congruous with fundraising initiatives. The funded programs will also be something for which St. Margaret Foundation can fundraise thus communicating a unified message.

  3. Programs will be clearly outside of what the general public may feel a profitable health system would provide.

  4. Programs will be in line with the hospital's strategic initiatives.

  5. Programs should bring awareness and brand equity to the Foundation whereby grant seekers present strategies to heighten this to gain further donor support.

  6. Programs should produce measurable outcomes.

  7. Programs will be rated on each of the above initiatives on a scale of 1 to 5.

  8. Grant periods will be for one year and not over multiple years.

Community Organizations Submitting a Grant Request:

St. Margaret Foundation utilizes the Common Grant Application format for proposals. Download the Common Grant Application here.

Email one copy to and mail one complete copy of the proposal, unbound and suitable for copying to:

Brigid Pettit
Director, Office Systems & Partnership Giving
St. Margaret Foundation
815 Freeport Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15215 


All community organizations must include a copy of their most recent approved audit and budget.

UPMC St. Margaret Hospital Entities Submitting a Grant Request:

1. The due date for grant requests is September 1st.
2. Hospital applicants must submit a 
UPMC St. Margaret Grant Request Cover Sheet along with a Common Grant Application.  Hospital Applicants applying for grants need NOT include the following from the Common Grant Application because we already have the information on file:

  • A Common Grant Application Cover Sheet as you will use the link above.

  • Any information under Section "D number 1" - Organizational Information. (Be sure to include number 2 - Purpose of grant).

  • Any of the Attachments under Section "E" with the exception of the "Program Budget.

3. Checklist of what you WILL cover in the application are:

  • Complete a UPMC St. Margaret Grant Request Cover Sheet 

  • An Executive Summary of the project/program/scope of need.

  • Purpose of the Grant – must include:

    • Problem and Need – measurable data is helpful

    • Program/Project Goal

    • Program/Project Design

    • Sustainability – how do you sustain the project after the funds are used.

    • Timetable of implementation if applicable.

  • Method of Evaluation – must include:

    • Projected Measurable outcomes

    • Metric of measure - Describe your plan to document and measure results.

  • Budget – must include:

    • Budget Narrative

    • Assumptions on which the budget was based

    • Budget supporting documents – receipts, purchase orders, estimates (examples are in the Common Grant Application)

    • An itemized budget


Email one copy to Brigid Pettit to (412-784-4215) and mail one complete unbound copy via inter-department mail to the St. Margaret Foundation office all by September 1st. 

Additional Info:


The Foundation does not support the following:

  • organizations without IRS tax-exempt status

  • organizations outside of the communities that UPMC St. Margaret reaches

  • programs without a healthcare component

  • endowment programs

  • operating deficits or retirement of debt

  • political campaigns

  • special events

If you receive a grant from St. Margaret Foundation a Grant Report is due by October 1st of the following year. When reporting on a grant, please use this Common Report Format as a guide.

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