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YOUR WAY - May 12 - 18, 2024

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What is the Brian Demchak Hope Challenge?


The Hope Challenge is an event that you complete at your convenience with people or pets you enjoy while filling in the gaps with hope for patients and employees at St. Margaret. No crowds, no traffic, no parking, no restroom lines, no 6:00 am alarm. Choose your own route outside, or on a treadmill, dance floor, or in a pool to complete a virtual 5K at 3.1 miles or a distance you prefer anytime from May 12 through May 18, 2024.


Why is your help important? When you sign up for the Brian Demchak Hope Challenge, the money you raise supports our initiative of wellness in the community and it helps those who are less fortunate by providing valuable services and resources to help them maintain their health.


Being sick is difficult enough without having to worry if you have a ride to chemotherapy or treatment, or if you can pay for expensive medicine, home oxygen, walkers, insulin, and other items you need that aren’t covered by insurance. You fill in those heartbreaking gaps with hope and healing for patients of St. Margaret with your support.

Help patients in our community by:

  • Stocking St. Margaret's Food Pantry

  • Stocking St. Margaret's Clothing Closet

  • Providing transportation vouchers for free transportation to Chemotherapy, Radiation and Other Treatments

  • Providing pharmacy vouchers for free medication

  • Providing necessary medical equipment, such as walkers, hearing aids, prosthetic devices, special shoes, humidifiers​

Participant Pet Spotlight

The many pets of Hope Challenge participants are featured here!

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