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About Us

The St. Margaret Foundation is a valued source of support for UPMC St. Margaret Hospital and the health and wellness of the communities it serves.

About St. Margaret Foundation

Since its establishment in 1986, the purpose of St. Margaret Foundation has been to support health and wellness initiatives at UPMC St. Margaret and other organizations that serve communities within the footprint of the hospital which has benefited thousands of adults and children. Because the Foundation operates independent of UPMC and enjoys complete autonomy regarding disbursement of funds, all gifts to the Foundation remain local.

The Foundation raises money for its initiatives as well as grant makes to the Hospital and community. In 2011 the Foundation underwent a four month a strategic planning process, meeting with six focus groups in the community. The result was a well-defined focus around the areas of:

1.) patient access, 2.) patient information and 3.) patient experience.

UPMC St. Margaret has touched virtually every neighbor in this area in one way or another. St. Margaret Foundation – quietly and behind the scenes in many ways, enables and provides many of the services and features that make such connections with the hospital more comfortable and more comforting.  

Grant proposals for consideration from the Foundation are due to the Foundation office by March 1st. A determination will be made by June of the same year.

About St. Margaret Hospital

More than a century ago, John H. Shoenberger (1810-1889), one of Pittsburgh’s wealthiest iron manufacturers and philanthropists, endowed St. Margaret Memorial Hospital “in loving memory” to his wife Margaret (1809-1878), who was known for her generosity and many acts of kindness.

Upon his death, Shoenberger bequeathed $800,000 -- $10 million today – and three acres of land on the family’s summer estate in Lawrenceville, to build a hospital to honor his wife. In 1898, the hospital was dedicated and the Protestant Episcopal Church elected a board of trustees to maintain it. From its original location on 46th Street in Lawrenceville, the hospital served residents of the city’s east neighborhoods and the river towns that dotted the northern shore of the Allegheny River for 82 years.

To be closer to the communities it served, St. Margaret in 1980 made an unprecedented move across the river to the site of the former City of Pittsburgh Water Filtration Plant near Aspinwall. There, the community and advanced teaching hospital thrived, providing general care for 230,000 residents of 19 municipalities, along with specialty care in arthritis, orthopaedics, geriatrics, and family practice teaching.

In 1997, St. Margaret became the first Pittsburgh hospital to merge with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, strengthening its capabilities to serve its communities. As western Pennsylvania’s largest employer, with 50,000 employees, UPMC is transforming the economy of the region into one based on medicine, research, and technology, and is one of the leading nonprofit health systems in the United States.

Over the last two decades, philanthropy has become an important part of today’s health care environment. St. Margaret Foundation, the fundraising arm of UPMC St. Margaret, seeks the support of community members who know the importance of receiving quality health care close to home. The need for these services is apparent every day on our campus.