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Keeping the Gaps Filled

The Circle of Hope is our society of generous monthly donors who make a significant impact on St. Margaret patients and employees in crisis.


Gaps in medical care like access to transportation or having to choose between paying rent and medical bills leaves patients struggling during the most difficult time in their lives. Donors fill in those gaps of suffering with hope – monthly donors make sure those gaps stay filled. We invite you to join the Circle of Hope and be the steady stream of support that patients in crisis so desperately need.

As a member of the Circle of Hope community, you'll enjoy the following:


  • Budget-friendly impact. Just $10 a month ($120 a year) purchases home oxygen for a patient with cancer.

  • Convenience. A donation amount of your choice is automatically charged each month – making it easy for you to make a big difference while managing your budget responsibly.

  • Know that your membership provides essential support. Circle of Hope members are unique because they ensure that patients have a steady flow of support so that those in need never have to hear us say "no".

  • Exclusive updates. Circle of Hope members receive regular emails about their special impact – you’ll see exactly how your contributions support your community.

  • Recognition for your generosity. Circle of Hope members will be given special recognition on our website and on a plaque in the hospital lobby. Members will also receive a personal letter from foundation president Mary Lee Gannon.

What Donors Say

"I donate monthly to the St. Margaret Foundation in memory of my husband Dale Smith who was Food & Nutrition Director from 1992-2006 at the hospital. He was a very caring, people-oriented person and I feel my donation helps both employees of the hospital and is vital to the community. It is a fitting way to honor my husband's memory and the man he was."

-Ann Smith

Circle of Hope Members

Anonymous (2)

Dr. Joseph Andrie

Gail Bieser

Mr. Joseph Crowley

Mr. Charles Danto

Ms. Dawn Jenkins

Mrs. Jill Dishart Leontiadis

Mr. Mario Giconi

Ms. Mary Konek

Mr. James Kline

Ms. Mary Lazaro

Mr. George Loomis

Ms. Carol Schubert

Mrs. Ann Smith

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