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In 2022 the Oncology Fund provided 70 patients $24,386.75 in medications, transportation, housing expenses, groceries, and other needs.

Your Donations Matter

  • The Oncology Fund recently covered the cost of non-prescription skin care supplies for four patients with skin irritation from radiation therapy treatments.

  • An elderly female patient depended on her sister to bring her to treatment. Her sister recently developed health problems of her own and was no longer able to drive. The Foundation was able to provide cab voucher support which allowed the patient to complete her treatment.

  • An elderly male patient told one of the nurses about his inability to cover some medical costs. He was upset because he had always been able to pay his bills on time but his diagnosis had stressed his already limited finances. The Oncology Fund paid these bills for him and supplied him with a Giant Eagle gift card to help him through a rough time.

  • A woman with breast cancer was unable to afford her co-pay for her hormonal medication. The fund covered the co-pay while another source of funding was obtained for longer term funding.

  • A patient receiving radiation therapy for pain control had no family or friends available for transportation. Cab fare was paid by the Oncology Fund so that the patient could resume treatment.

  • The nursing staff in the chemotherapy infusion area really get to know the patients. They often recognize from conversation that the patient is having trouble covering parking, co-pays, daily living costs, etc. The Oncology Fund grants grocery store gift cards to get a concerned patient “over the hump.”

A Brief History of The Oncology Fund

The Peter G. Ellis Oncology Fund was initially created by a generous donation from Mr. Louis Leeper in honor of his wife Gloria who was a patient at UPMC St. Margaret. Through his support and the support of many other generous donors, we have been able to offer significant financial support to our economically distressed patients in their time of greatest need. In 2019, the fund was named after Dr. Peter G. Ellis in honor of his long career as a dedicated and caring oncology doctor.


The Peter G. Ellis Oncology Fund

If you would like more information on The Oncology Fund, please call St. Margaret Foundation at 412-784-4205.

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