Fiscal Year Grants

 St. Margaret Foundation Grantmaking for the Ill, Under Resourced and Suffering

Grants Made for Fiscal Year 2018

The St. Margaret Foundation Board of Directors voted to approve the following grant disbursements in support for valuable projects for fiscal year 2018.  St. Margaret Foundation announces $552,351 in grants in alignment with the organization's strategic priorities of: 1) Patient Access, 2) Patient Education and 3) Patient Experience.

"The changing landscape of healthcare coverage has left many people anxious and at risk," said Mary Lee Gannon, president. "If you have cancer we don't want you to worry about transportation to your chemotherapy. We have four shuttles to help." The Foundation's board of directors is dedicated to the organization's motto of 'Filling in the gaps with hope' "In a flash your health can turn into the biggest challenge of your life," said Ms. Gannon. "Our donors have answered the call of their neighbors in their hour of need. "

Hospital Grants Approved for FY2018:

New Kensington Family Health Center Project                                                                             $225,000
Transportation Services for Patients Returning to Skilled Nursing Facilities                              $80,000.00
Complimentary Valet Services for Patients with Disabilities                                                       $45,000.00
Health Fair Screenings for Under-Resourced Communities                                                       $11,096.00
Family Health Centers - Community Immunization Grant                                                            $9,000.00
Free Flu Immunizations to the Under-resourced Elderly                                                              $8,213.00
Transportation to Access Medical Screenings and Care for Community Residents                    $6,480.00
Geriatric Care Center - Alzheimer's Disease Caregiver Support                                                 $5,000.00
Lawrenceville Family Health Center - Somali Pre and Post Natal New Mother's Group             $5,000.00
New Kensington Family Health Center - Weight Loss Program for Health Issues                      $5,000.00
Free Library Educational Materials for Patients and Families                                                      $3,500.00
Free Chapel Pamphlets on 16 Health and End of Life Topics for Patients and Families             $2,000.00
Family Health Centers - School Health Partnership in Local Schools                                          $1,950.00
Free Fund Teddy Bears for Children Who Are in the Hospital                                                     $1,665.00
Nursing Recognition - 2017 DAISY Foundation Scholarship                                                       $1,500.00
Volunteer Gift for Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner                                                              $1,500.00
Lawrenceville Family Health Center - Yoga Wellness Classes for Patients                                $1,200.00
Geriatric Care Center - 28 Slot Pill Boxes for Patients to Keep Track of Medication                   $1,100.00
Harmar Outpatient Center - Cell Phone Charging Station                                                              $650.00
Freezer for Roots of Faith Anti-Poverty Program Where Foundation Outreach Occur                   $476.00
TOTAL HOSPITAL GRANTS APPROVED                                                                              $415,330.00

Community Grants Approved for FY2018:

Two Free Rides Shuttles and Transportation Program for Seniors and Patients                      $86,000.00
Free Patient Transportation Shuttle to Service Alle-Kiski Valley Area                                       $51,021.00
TOTAL COMMUNITY GRANTS APPROVED                                                                          $137,021.00

Total Hospital & Community Grants Approved                      $552,351.00

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