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Holiday Gifts for Patients

Each year, hundreds of people spend the holidays in the hospital instead of at home cooking, baking, decorating and enjoying time with their families. Imagine yourself or a loved one spending the holidays in a hospital bed recovering from a surgery or illness. As we approach the holiday season, St. Margaret Foundation invites you to give a gift of hope for the holidays to the patients of St. Margaret Hospital.

Each patient who is in the hospital on Thanksgiving or Christmas will be delivered a holiday tea light to remind them they are cared for and remembered in their time of crisis. 

“It’s difficult to be in the hospital any time but we know many of our patients will be sad during the holidays, thinking of the loved ones and traditions they are missing at home,” said Mary Lee Gannon, president of St. Margaret Foundation. “We want our patients to know that when you are with us, you are with family.”


Will you make a gift to help brighten a patient's day this holiday season?

Thanksgiving Gift

The gift consists of an orange organza bag, containing a metal turkey sculpture that includes a flickering votive candle LED light and a special Thanksgiving message for each patient. 


Holiday Gift

The gift consists of a green organza bag, containing a distressed metal reindeer tea light holder, flickering LED candle, and a special holiday message for each patient. 

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