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Are you worried about how to get through the holidays? St. Margaret Foundation recognizes the overwhelming nature of today’s reality - juggling work, family, life, health issues, aging parents, mental health issues, other concerns. It can be even more difficult around the holiday season, a time when you feel you should be happy even if you find you can't be. You are not alone. This year, take time to be mindful about how you navigate through these experiences. Watch the video below to learn mindful tips for getting through the holiday stress, coping with grief, difficult relationships, and more.

The Instructor: Mary Lee Gannon is the president of St. Margaret Foundation, a Certified Association Executive (CAE), International Coach Federation Certified Coach (ACC), a Professional Certified Coach graduate of Duquesne University, alumnus of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Practices Program and the Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital Coaching in Medicine & Leadership Conference, and scholarship recipient to the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership – created at Google. She has been teaching mindfulness and meditation for 10 years.


Getting Through the Holiday Season

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