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Pass It On

Congratulations! You are now a part of St. Margaret Foundation's secret Pass It On Society! Shh! Keep this society a secret: don't post about it online. Simply pass the coin on to someone in your circle to tell them about the program.

Who do we help?

Tara was a victim of domestic abuse by her husband and sought refuge with her three young children in the ER at St. Margaret Hospital. She was planning to get a restraining order against her husband and then take her children to live with family out of state. They had nothing but the clothes they were wearing. St. Margaret Foundation was able to provide them with necessities for their escape through the Family Emergency Fund; diapers, formula, blankets, food, and a Giant Eagle gift card to fill their car with gas.

Shannon Conroy Headshot.JPG

Shannon Conroy is the social worker who supported Tara with the help of donors.

The St. Margaret Foundation Pass It On program is a quick and easy way to share your connection to St. Margaret with your friends, family, and acquaintances.

Here's how it works:

  1. St. Margaret Foundation coins are given to our closest supporters.

  2. Our supports scan the QR code to visit our website to learn more about St. Margaret Foundation and make a donation - every dollar helps a patient in crisis!

  3. Each supporter passes the coin along to someone in their circle.

  4. The new coin holder scans the QR code and visits our website.

  5. The coin is passed on again.

Our goal is to grow and celebrate the St. Margaret community.

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